Weekend recap in my completed to-do-list form:

  • Go visit couple who just brought their new baby home
  • Clean house top-to-bottom
  • Wal-Mart/BJs/Farmer’s Market trips
  • Laundry
  • Prep all veggies and meats (as needed) for the upcoming week
  • Buy lumber for square foot garden
  • Buy compost, vermiculite, and peat moss for garden (only slightly successful…everyone was sold out of vermiculite!)
  • Make food for the new parents, freeze, and deliver with instructions for reheat (New mom has seriously low iron levels, and doc wants her eating red meat, so, I stuck to meaty meals!)
  • Bake banana bread – for us 🙂
  • Wash car
  • Walk dog x 2
  • Clean dead flowers/buds off daffodils
  • Order pup bully sticks and antlers

That’s basically all you missed. I was on my feet from 9am to 10pm both days. I was exhausted and slept well, but didn’t get any purposeful exercise in (beyond carrying the 40 lb bags of compost. Mmm, ancient poop in plastic bags. Nice.)


I was actually in a relatively good mood today. See, I finally caved and started taking Claritin on Saturday, and I’ve been a much more pleasant person to be around ever since. Heh.

My only sadness is I can’t take anything with pseudoephedrine in it – which means I’m still a bit stuffy. 🙁


Red Berry!!! I finally got my BJ’s Wholesale Club membership card, and one of the biggest reasons was this cereal. LOL

At Giant, I can get a box for $4. At BJs I can get 2.5 times the cereal for $3.99. HURRAY!


..with milk, ½ banana, and blueberries


Strawberries that I sprinkled with raw sugar because they weren’t nearly as delicious as they looked. Sad.



Huge bagel sandwich: onion bagel, thick slice of easter ham, 3 leaves of lettuce and 1 whole organic vine-ripened tomato. (and some Pirates Booty on the side! Damn stuff is addicting)



Most random snack ever witnessed, but man was it satisfying.

A new Yoplait greek yogurt (I like it a lot. It’s creamier and not as tart as regular greek yogurt) in honey vanilla flavor, a strawberry fruit leather, and a piece of my homemade banana bread.

IMAG0246 IMAG0245


30 minutes steady (moderate) state on the elliptical

Gentle stretching for the back/hamstrings/piriformis

Lower Body Strength and Abs (Spaced to show you exercises I did together. So, for example, 1 set of deadlifts, then one set of hamstring curls, rinse and repeat twice):

Ball Planks (Feet on Ball): 3 x 40 sec

Single Leg Deadlift (with Dumbbells): 3 x 15 lb dumbbells x 12 each leg

Stability Ball Hamstring Curls: 3 x 12 (bodyweight)

Full Vertical Crunch: 3 x 12

Bulgarian Split Squats: 3 x 7.5 lb dumbbells x 12 each leg

Pile Squat with Calf Raise: 3 x 12.5 lb dumbbell x 12

Step Ups with Knee Raise: 3 x 10 lb dumbbells x 12

Back Extensions on Ball: 3 x 12 (bodyweight)

Bridge with Feet on Bench: 3 x 12 (bodyweight)

Side Plank with Bent Bottom Leg: 3 x 12 (bodyweight)

Single Leg Calf Raises (Lying): 3 x 75 lbs x 12 each leg

Reverse Single Leg Calf Raise: 3 x 12 each leg (bodyweight)

Extended Crunch on Ball: 3 x 12 (bodyweight)


Headed home and walked the pup for 30 minutes. Legs = Jello.

Burned 700 calories in 1h20m


Venison steak, steamed cauliflower, and pasta tossed with olive oil.



No plans this evening…DH is gonna grill me up some chicken for sunken burritos tomorrow, and I’m going to blog and hopefully read a bit. 🙂

Tomorrow I get my eyes tested and get new glasses! YAY!

I miss contacts a lot, but my eyes “attack” the contacts. 🙁 My eye doc told me birth control pills can cause that…so after I go off the pill I’ll try them again, I think. Until then – glasses!

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