That’s my theme today: thirsty and ravenous.

Oh, and also still super-sore with DOMS. I guess that’s what I get for 5 days off and then hopping right back in.


Today was supposed to be upper body lifting + HIIT, but I’m bumping it to tomorrow and making today walk-the-dog-and-do-yoga day. 🙂 Maybe if I stretch it all out I’ll be able to walk like a 28 year old woman tomorrow (instead of the 80 year old woman I am today. Haha)

So, there’s a lot of food today. I purposefully marked every single thing I ate, because this is what it looks like when I have an insatiable day. They don’t happen often, but when they do –  look out.


Same as Monday: egg beaters, 1 slice turkey bacon, whole wheat bagel thin, grapes on the side




Notice the S. Lots of snacks.

Fruit leather


String cheese


6 jelly beans



Sweet potato + quick chili (I just browned off some lean ground turkey, added red kidney beans + some of the starchy juice from the can, + tomato sauce +chili seasoning and let it simmer for 20 minutes).  I know – it’s 90 degrees today and I’m eating chili – but I was hungry for it 🙂


Lunch actually stopped the insatiable munchies. Hurray!


Kashi granola bar – didn’t need much as I wasn’t doing much!



I wanted to do an on-demand yoga sequence today, but my on demand was being stupid and wouldn’t load it. Sad. 🙁

I did a 30 minute yoga flow (basic, since i’m so sore) from Exercise TV online (I buy ones I like from on demand!) and walked Holly for 25 minutes.

We took it pretty easy because it was VERY hot today.


Ham from easter (we brought home a 10 lb ham. I seriously need to slice it down and freeze it!!), annie’s macaroni and cheese, and garlic green beans (green beans steamed, then sautéed lightly in olive oil and garlic)


(I don’t know why that picture looks like I ate the whole box of macaroni and cheese myself, but I promise I didn’t!


It was so nice having some time this evening. After work, I stopped at Old Navy to check out capris and shorts (I need some new ones badly).

I ended up with 2 new pairs of shorts and a pair of jeans. I need jeans badly, but hardly anyone makes 32.5/33” inseam. I ended up having to get the long ones at Old Navy…we’ll see if they shrink. If not, I may have to hem them. I hate hemming jeans!

After dinner I got my stuff ready for tomorrow, and then got a chance to just hang out and relax. That is incredibly rare during the week. Normally I’m moving, moving, moving from 6:30 am  – 9:00 pm every day. Burnout is always there. 🙁 But I’ve tried to condense my schedule as much as possible without having to get my butt out of bed before 6:30 am hehe

The evenings are just full of dinner, dishes, packing food for the next day, packing gym clothes, and figuring out work outfits. Plus blogging and reading email!

Oh, and know how I’m so hungry today? I seriously considered making these this evening. They looked so good. LOL


I was thinking of gardening this summer. It’ll probably cost me more time/heartache/annoyance than just buying my produce at the farmer’s market, but it might be fun. I grew up on a farm, but have never grown anything where I live now, and the soil is very clay-ey here. And I’m not sure how much time I have to devote to it.

Solution? Square foot gardening. 🙂

DH agreed to build me a box this weekend…then I’ll just need filler (soil and such), seeds, and some warm weather with no frosts!

Before I considered doing a “box garden” I was thinking of:

  • Strawberries
  • Green beans
  • Sweet peppers
  • Broccoli

But now I’m trying to decide if I should stick with that or change it up. I know you can get a few strawberry plants in per square, but broccoli usually takes a whole square for 1 plant, and I don’t know about peppers and green beans.

I know there’s a book everyone recommends but I’ve kind of waited until the last minute on it…so I’m flying by the seat of my pants 🙂

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