Oh, it’s too hot (too hot)
Too hot, lady (too hot)
Gotta run for shelter
Gotta run for shade

Yes, I just pulled Kool and the Gang out on you.

It’s 84 degrees in York today. Calling for 90 tomorrow.

Holy crap!

What happened to April, people?! What happened to april showers and 60’s and 70’s!?

I want a refund on spring!

I hatehatehatehate (haveimentionedihateit?) summer. I hate the heat, the humidity, the blistering sun. My ancestors were incredibly irish/welsh/german. None of us tan well! LOL

So here’s hoping the 60’s and 70’s come back to visit before the heat settles in.


Blueberry Cinnamon Nature’s Path cereal with blueberries, banana and milk


I had a meeting after my breakfast that took my whole morning. I am just not a meeting person. 🙁 I feel so much more productive at my desk! Meetings just make more work for me. LOL


I didn’t pack lunch last night (because my intention was to make quick chili and bring that with a sweet potato…and I didn’t have tomato sauce!) so it was a farmer’s market lunch day.


I had a delicious Roburrito (tortilla, rice, black beans, guacamole, sour cream, chicken, fresh salsa) and some of their fresh made chips.

I only photographed and ate half…they’re HUGE. I ate all the tortilla chips though. Teehee

After lunch I walked to the post office to mail my mommy’s birthday present. Holy crap it was hot. Black was a bad choice for today for work clothes!!


Organic Gala Apple (I love organic apples…they’re the size apples used to be when we’d pluck them off the trees as kids. Not these big-as-your-head jobbies I see at the store)

Peanut butter


Whew. I am SORE today. The DOMS has me waddling around like an old woman. Especially my lower back/hamstrings/glutes. I think it was the deadlifts/good mornings yesterday…I haven’t done either one in awhile.



Here’s how tonight went down:

45 minutes of cardio

  • 5 minute warm up
  • 20 minutes of intervals (hard, but not balls-to-the-wall HIIT)
  • 15 minutes steady state moderate
  • 5 minute cool down

Abs (Done as circuits, no rest between exercises, short rest between circuits):

  • Planks 3×45 sec
  • Side Crunches with legs extended 3×12
  • Ball Pass Jackknife 3×12
  • Decline Crunch 3×12
  • Weighted Lying Twist (with exercise ball b/t legs) 3×12

Calories burned: 550

Headed home (with a stop at Target to return the couch cover I bought), grabbed a piece of deer bologna and a cracker (x3) and headed out to walk the pup for 30 minutes.


I love dinners that are ready before I get home. Sunday after we got back from travel, I made the baked beans (they taste better if they get to sit, anyway!). Monday, after dinner, I made the coleslaw. And Tuesday morning before I left for work, I put the pork roast in the crockpot.



Baked beans, coleslaw, and homemade pulled pork sandwiches. Eaten outside because it’s beautiful! (Pic taken inside because it was getting dark. LOL)

Nom nom nom!


Does anyone know of any more bloggers who focus heavily (no pun intended) on weight lifting? I read all the usual suspects (OSG, HTP, etc) but since I have so much trouble running, I’m getting a bit down about constantly reading about runners. 🙁

I read Susan, and Janetha, but they’re the only two big “lifters” in my blog list. Who else can I add??

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