1.  If you could travel back in time, would you?  What decade would you visit?
Yes I would. I’d either want to go WAY back (we’re talking the height of Rome, here) or just back to the 40’s, 50’s…so I can see why all the people in my parents’ generation seem so wacked out. LOL

2. What was your best Halloween costume?  (fun to make? most creative?)
I’ve never been much of a dresser-upper for Halloween. I remember being Snow White twice as a child, a cat, and a ghost. And that’s it. LOL

I grew up in the country and if you were going to go door-to-door it was going to be several miles of walking…so it wasn’t really a part of me growing up.

Oh, and I think I was a bumblebee once in college. Really just an excuse to drink, though. haha

3. Do you like your name?  If you weren’t called by your name, what would you want to be called?
My name is okay. I actually have 4 friends with the same name (all different spellings) so it’s a little common. My mom wanted to name me Erin (I always picture Erins with red hair, tall, skinny. I don’t know why) and my dad wanted to name me Lillian (I might’ve been able to rock Lily, but….LILLIAN?!) and I’m glad I didn’t end up with either of those. I don’t know what I’d want to be called. I like old names, like my grandma (Grace Elizabeth) and would probably pick something similar.

4. In the past year, what is the BEST recipe you made.  Please share it!
Too many to list. But I’ll try (remember, I run a cooking blog. LOL)

Amazing Double Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

Sunken Burritos

Last Minute Lasagna

Cookie Dough Truffles

Baked Ziti

Crockpot Kahlua Pork

Best Beef Stew Ever

Roasted Garlic and Mozzarella Meatballs

Lemon Garlic Shrimp with Orzo and Broccoli

Weeknight Paella

Cinnamon Bun Cake

5. Look around – what is the nearest object or picture hanging on the wall?
A map of Pennsylvania’s Continua of Care for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (I’m at work!)

6. What was the last movie you saw in a theater?  Would you recommend it?
Dave and I don’t go often, so Avatar in 3D was the last one. I liked it, but am apparently one of the few people completely unimpressed by 3D. I’d like to see it again on a huge hi-def tv. I think it would be cooler.

7. Did you go to summer camp?  Will you/do you send your kids to camp?
Never. I showed horses from April – October every year.

8. What kind of ringtone do you have?
Train – Hey Soul Sister

9. Where is the farthest away from home you have ever been?
Malibu, CA

10. Has anyone ever written a song or a poem for or about you? 
Nope…and a big part of me is TOTALLY okay with that.

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