Hello all! I survived Butler and have returned! I didn’t do much in the way of exercise, though!

Rather than bore you with details I’ll give you bullets:

  • I miss my hometown. It’s peaceful, my allergies don’t act up, and traffic is always light. Plus, the people are a thousand times friendlier than where Dave and I live.
  • My husband wants a baby badly. So badly, he’s currently “mad” at me because his best friend became a father over the weekend. Babies scare the crap out of me. And I cant exactly leave them home alone like I can my dog. But I told him we’d start trying by the end of the year, so I guess I need to figure it all out.
  • My family is greedy. No matter how many long weekends I give them, they always want more. I know they miss me, but its hard to have to always be the one taking time off from work and driving 4.5 hours. Reciprocation more than once a year would be nice.
  • My dad needs a girlfriend. Now. If you know of a 55-62 year old woman in the Pittsburgh area who enjoys classical/jazz music, cycling (not hardcore….just like…on rail trails), theater, sports events, and is affectionate, let me know. Bonus if she can cook. He’s lonely, and it makes me feel bad, because then he want
  • Every year my mom insists we color eggs. Four dozen eggs. Last year, Dave ended up doing them by himself because mom and I were cooking. This year, I ended up doing them myself because Dave was in protest after last year, and my mom just had her knee replaced and couldn’t stand to do it. Sowhy do we color eggs again? LOL


Despite what looks like a complaint list when I review it, I had an okay time. This trip was a bit stressful because Dave was not a happy camper to be away from home this weekend. Oh well.

Here’s how Monday went down:


Whole wheat bagel thin, ½ cup of egg beaters, 2 slices turkey bacon = Monday isn’t so bad after all


With a side of grapes 🙂



HUGE salad (spring mix, tomatoes, broccoli, green beans, carrots, yellow pepper) with a can of drained tuna and a bit of red wine vinaigrette. I also packed a bit of cheesy potato deliciousness that was leftover from Easter dinner with the fam. Nom.





Kashi + PB + Tangerine


Stealing from Susan again today. I didn’t have time to throw anything together, and I tend to flounder when I “just show up” at the gym. I’m more of a planner. But she saved the day by having a full body workout in her blog posts while I was away! LOL The only thing I did was remove ab/core work – I am doing that tomorrow. Susan’s table is prettier than mine so I suggest you check out the original workout!

I usually do my cardio first, but today I switched it up….

5 minute warmup on the elliptical

Full Body Workout:


Reps/ Sets


Wide-grip deadlift
Good morning
50 lbs
20 lbs
Dumbbell fly
Dumbbell shoulder press
15 lb bells
15 lb bells
Plie squat
Single-leg deadlift
15 lb bell
15 lb bells
Seated cable row
Incline dumbbell shoulder press
50 lbs
15 lbs
Straight Set:
Walking lunges
15/2 10 lb bells
ard tricep extension

Barbell 21s


15 lbs

30 lbs

Alternating Set:
Medicine ball squat
Hamstring curl on ball
8 lb med ball
body weight

My hubs had never seen the forward tricep extension – he was impressed I knew an exercise he didn’t. LOL Thanks Susan!

Finished it all off with

20 minutes HIIT on the elliptical

Stretching for hamstrings/hips/piriformis

Whew. I was a mess after that. Possibly because it was a thousand degrees in the gym today.


HRM says 717 calories burned.


Ate a fruit leather (nom) on the way home and headed out to walk the pup for 30 minutes.

There may have been a quick swig of chocolate milk on my way out with the pup. 🙂


6 oz. Filet mignon (probably more than I need, but there’s nothing quite like a big filet after a full body strength workout, kwim?), steamed broccoli, pasta tossed with olive oil


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