…for the weekend!
Seriously, that’s as close as I get with the April Fools Jokes. I am truly bad at pranks/jokes, etc, and spent most of my day today watching my co-workers (who are GOOD at them) to make sure I didn’t get pranked!
This will be my last “normal” post for the weekend, as I’ll be headed to Butler, Pennsylvania to see my family (It’s north of Pittsburgh, to give you an idea). I do have a post on strength training reps that will go up over the weekend, though.
I love the area and miss it terribly, so hopefully we can take advantage of the weather and spend some time outdoors while we’re there.
Blueberry Cinnamon Nature’s Path cereal (my other love after Red Berry), blueberries, banana, and milk
Carrot sticks, grape tomatoes, and another huge ham sandwich from the farmer’s market. The one on Tuesday was delicious and hit the spot (except for the mayo situation). Today was sans mayo. Hurray! Fresh baked ham (not lunch meat ham…real ham sliced off. Delish), whole wheat, lettuce, tomato, pickles.
After lunch, my conference call for 3pm today was cancelled, so I elected to skip out early so I could finish doing things for our trip:
  • Get gas/check tire pressure
  • Pick up egg dye and vinegar @ Tar-jay – My mom is obsessed with dying eggs at easter. And this year she’s not getting around much because she just had her knee replaced, so, I’m bringing the egg-dyin’ goods to her house this weekend to do them. Don’t worry – I’ll be buying the eggs after the 4.5 hour drive. LOL
  • Head home and finish packing toiletries and puppy items
  • Dope the pup on Benadryl – Holly hates the car. We’ve spent her year and a half of life trying to make it a fun experience, and she just hates it. She gets scared and carsick. Sooooooo… per the vet, she gets Benadryl before long car trips to help ease her “stress”. DH and I spend most of the trip joking about how clear Holly’s sinuses must be. We’re inappropriate like that.
  • Pack up the car and head out!
I’m a wee bit jealous – Dave is leaving work at 1pm so he’ll get to workout today and mow the grass before we leave. I don’t think I’ll have time for anything, and if I do have a few minutes I’ll probably walk Holly to get rid of some of her energy before the car ride.
Which means FIVE days off from solid exercise for me. ACK! 🙂
Before we leave I’m having a kashi granola bar and an apple, and then we’re off!
(I’m obviously posting before dinner)
I hate eating in the car/traveling because (like my pup) I get carsick too. So we’ll probably stop at a fast food joint for DH along the way, and I’ll get something from a Subway or whatever when we finally get to Butler. Super late dinner tonight.
Take care all, and have a gorgeous weekend (and Easter!)!

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