Hello all! This weekend was busy, and full of bad food. Seriously delicious food, but not so much on the healthy side. And I didn’t get much exercise beyond walking the pup.


Breakfast – Banana oatmeal and egg beaters

Lunch – Chicken/provolone hot sandwich with a greek salad (take-out)

Dinner – oil/vinegar marinated grilled chicken, mashed potatoes with green onions and bacon mixed in, steamed green beans

Exercise – walked the pup for 30 minutes, but didn’t have time to do anything else because the in-laws came over for dinner

Evening – laundry, and spending time with my feeling-neglected DH.


Tons of errands, cleaned the whole house, and tons of kuldunai making for my father in law’s birthday dinner.

Breakfast: red berry with banana, milk

Lunch: slice of pepperoni pizza and leftover mashed potatoes from last night (how’s that for junk food)

Snack: slice of venison bologna

Dinner: kuldunai, leftover green beans

Evening – had my inlaws around…MIL made a carrot cake and insisted I eat it. Bleck.


Ran errands with the hubs – I know more about turkey hunting equipment than I ever wanted. Attended a birthday party in the evening, which meant a super-later dinner and getting to bed late.

Breakfast: egg beaters, one slice leftover bacon, used leftover roasted potatoes as ‘home fries’

Lunch: cheddar turkey braut on a potato roll, handful of pretzels

Dinner: a very late and very rushed Chinese – I had 2 crab rangoons and a pint of chicken and broccoli with white rice. And there was a slice of chocolate cake at the birthday party.


Ugh. I basically feel like I dont want to eat for days after all of that.

And yet, here are some eats from Monday! Ha!



Re-do (in packaged and portable form) of yesterday. OMG it was delicious. Added a bagel thin with strawberry preserves for staying power.




Didn’t make it to snack because breakfast was filling


Leftover spinach/sausage stuffed shells and a side salad with red wine vinegar




Kashi bar with peanut butter and a cup of seedless grapes

(Unpictured because I forgot!)


Going to be a short exercise week this week…

Monday: Lower body strength, abs, and cardio

Tuesday: Upper body strength, cardio

Wednesday: One of the infamous at-home boot camps, and yoga after my hair appointment

Thursday: in the car all evening

Friday: visiting family

Tonight was….

30 minutes of cardio


Abs(I did these as three circuits, resting after each circuit):

Planks 3×40

Side Planks 3×30 on each side

Side Crunches (Keeping feet on floor, crunch up slightly, then reach side to side to grasp your ankles firmly) 3×12 on each side

Bird Dogs 3×20 second holds on each side

Reverse Crunches on Flat Bench 3×12

Decline Bench Crunch with Twist 3×12

Lower body:

Clockwork Lunges 3×12 (each side)

Step-Ups 3×12 (each side)

Leg Press – Double 3×12

Leg Press – Single 3×12

Calf Press – Single 3×12

Wall Squats with Ball

Leg Lifts (to each side and backwards) 3×12

Ball Bridges 3×12


Came home and ate a fruit leather and a small piece of deer bologna before walking the pup for 25 minutes. My legs are officially jello.


Venison steak (grilled) with steamed cauliflower and pasta tossed in olive oil




My week is going to be busy…we’re headed out to the Pittsburgh area to see my family for Easter and I always feel like there’s a ton to be done before we leave.

See my list?


Tonight I need to:

  • Sew the couch cushion the dog chewed
  • Pack up the pup’s stuff for the trip

In addition to my normal weeknight activities (reading blogs, sending emails, updating my blog, packing breakfast/lunch/snacks for work tomorrow, getting clothing for work and gym tomorrow,and cleaning up from dinner)

G’night all!

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