It’s 1:45, and I’m sitting at my desk bawling because I read Ryan’s blog about Harvey.

GAH! I am such a pansy. I cry at everything.

I grew up on a farm, but losing animals never gets easier! 🙁

I felt pretty awesome yesterday – like I was kicking my cold – but today I’m not feeling so awesome.

I’m going to go to the gym for cardio, but I’m going to nix my original plan for HIIT and just do some steady state on a touch-and-go basis. The goal is to not tucker myself out tonight.

I need to get healthy.

Here’s a recap of today so far, as well as this evening’s info. If I can, I like to take a few minutes of my break at work and start my blog posts.


My combo on Monday was so delicious, I re-created it. Egg beaters and banana/walnut/cinnamon oatmeal



None. I actually didn’t even finish my oatmeal, as I was feeling rotten-y


Tuna (with a smidge of plain greek yogurt, onion, salt and pepper) on a lavash with spring mix, yellow peppers, and carrot sticks. Had a couple that didn’t fit in the wrap on the side, as well as a huge faux-clementine. I’m almost done with the bag. Thank god – I miss real clementines.



There was an un-pictured 6 jelly beans right after lunch. I’ll be happy when Easter is over, as I can’t say no to their fruity, sugary deliciousness.

A fruit leather at 2:30, just because.


I bought Honey Almond Flax flavored kashi bars to try, so I had one of those…verdict? Tasty!


And the last of my regular yogurt.



Headed to the gym, intent on getting some cardio in, without exhausting myself so I can hopefully get over this cold!

Did 30 minutes of steady state (moderate pace) on the elliptical on a hills program.

Hopped off and spent some time stretching my piriformis, hamstrings, and ended it all with 4 slow and easy Sun Salutations.

HRM says 350 calories burned.

Came home and walked Holly for 30 minutes. 🙂



Spicy honey chicken with foil packet potatoes and missing green beans, because I totally started eating them before I realized I didn’t take a picture. Oops?


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