Remember how I confessed I name everything?

Well, just call me Sniffy McSinus. Yes kids, for the – what? 3 week in a row? – I’ve apparently developed some kind of funk.

I think this is a cold (rather than the two bouts of sinus infections I had previously) because it feels like a cold, and because my hubs just had a nasty cold and spent all weekend on the couch, infesting our house with his cold germs.

I’m not angry or anything. I swear. 🙂

So anyway, I’m feeling a bit like death today. Which means cardio day turned into “I wonder if I have the energy to walk the dog” day.

I am supposed to work a half day tomorrow, but depending on how I’m feeling in the morning, I may just scrap it and take the whole day. I’ll be car-less (inspection, tire rotation and oil change, oh my!) so I’ll be stuck at home, but in my current condition that might not be a bad thing.


Red Berry, milk, blueberries and ½ banana



None. I had a cup of hot tea and a cough drop. I big puffy heart these cough drops.





1 cup homemade Italian wedding soup and ½ a turkey/provolone/lettuce/tomato on whole wheat sammich

(The sammich skipped out on the picture)


(I had packed a salad, but my throat hurts and the prospect of all those raspy veggies wasn’t doing it for me. Plus the farmer’s market was open today. 🙂 )





I had really hoped to do intervals again today but I felt rough so that was a no go.

I headed home and walked the pup for 30 minutes and that was about all the juice I had.


I took my lemon garlic shrimp with broccoli and orzo recipe and converted it to include chicken (shrimp are so dang expensive! We only buy American-caught/sustainable, so maybe that’s why, but still)

I wasn’t particularly hungry, so I just had a small bit:



DH had a Young Republicans meeting (that I should’ve gone to, but was sick) so I made dinner super early and then ate after he left.

His workplace has been taking turns bringing in breakfast for everyone on Friday, and this upcoming Friday was DH’s turn.

So I scrubbed up my hands/arms, put away my cough and sniffle, and made him 3 batches of baked oatmeal for work.

And now I’m completely pooped. It’s PJs and a snuggly puppy for me this evening.

Night all 🙂

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