Hello kiddies!

I’ve found it’s just easier to blog once on the weekend. It lacks the structure of my week. 🙂

First off – Happy Birthday to my Dad! YAY!

I am sad I couldn’t be with him today…he was a little lonely and bummed, I think. 🙁

My grandma made him a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and took him out to dinner. And I sent him a card and a present…so it can’t be that bad, right?!


My hubs stayed home from work on Friday, because I may have given him my cold/sinus infection. But nobody can prove it!

So he spent the day, with the pup, like so:


Which meant I was left with doing all the weekend cleaning.

Le sigh.

So I did the whole house by myself:

  • Vaccum whole house
  • Dust whole house
  • Mop entryway, kitchen, and both bathrooms
  • Clean the bathrooms top-to-bottom (including the shower and toilets)
  • Wipe down kitchen counters/stove/table

It doesn’t look like that much when I list it, but it took me 3 hours.

Makes me glad we didn’t buy a bigger house! Sheesh!



Red Berry, plain. It was the last of the box and it made my milk red and strawberry flavored. Awesome!



My sick husband requested a hot ham ‘n’ cheese sandwich, so I made us both one.

Mine had 2 slices of ham, and 1 slice of provolone on a potato roll. Handful of pretzels for crunch, and a mini fruit salad for both of us (with an apple, a clementine, and some red grapes under the last of the fruit dip)


Unpictured, but it was just leftover chicken cordon bleu casserole from earlier in the week, with green beans for some veggie action.


While I was out running the errands DH was too sick for, I picked us both up our last Shamrock Shake of the season from McDonald’s. I put mine in the freezer, then enjoyed it after dinner.



No exercise today…I was off yesterday taking care of DH, and off today, cleaning the house.


Sunday was filled with more chores..mostly prep work:

  • Made turkey meatballs for this week’s dinner
  • Cooked chicken for this week’s dinner
  • Chopped veggies for salads and for dinners this week
  • Packed my foods for tomorrow
  • Packed my clothes for tomorrow
  • Finished up laundry
  • Walked the pup (it finally stopped raining!!)
  • Bathed the pup


Holly woke me up at 7:00am (that dog doesn’t care if it’s daylight savings time or not…she knows when it’s time to bug me!)

I didn’t want to go back to bed after I let her outside to do her business because I was afraid I’d sleep too late and have trouble sleeping tonight.

So I hung out and checked blogs, etc, this morning.

DH ended up sleeping in really late, and after an hour of being awake, I was starved. There just happened to be a box of Quaker Oatmeal Squares attached to my Sunday paper today.


I seriously love those things. Nutritional value is only “eh” though.

So I cracked open the box for a ‘snack’ to hold me over until DH got up.


And a cup of tea.


Once the hubs was up, he requested “special breakfast” today despite being sick…he wanted stuffed french toast. So I obliged:


We each got two slices of homemade bread made into french toast (egg, milk, vanilla extract and cinnamon in the mix) slathered with light cream cheese (which melts between them and gets delicious) and covered in strawberries.

Delicious. IHOP can’t touch me!


My little kid lunch:


PB & Strawberry jelly on a bagel thin with some carrots

Followed by a bit of chocolate milk



A pictured salad…

IMG_1599 And two slices of unpictured white pizza from th
e box below said salad.



None, really, today. I walked the dog for 40 minutes, and did a light ab routine from Trainerpack.com

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