Still not feeling the best, however, I am feeling slightly better today.

In addition, a co-worker was kind enough to give me 2 Zyrtec to try…those suckers are expensive at the pharmacy. Especially when I don’t even know if it’s allergies!

So Kim is awesome, because she hooked me up 🙂

Today was a desk/paperwork day. I prefer those above all my meetings. I like when people leave me alone to work. Haha


I can’t accept the cottage cheese in my oatmeal. It honestly makes me gag a little. I’m such a texture eater (my husband jokes that I should’ve been autistic with all my texture issues. Not that it’s something to joke about…but my husband and I are generally inappropriate.)


But that left me with a huge batch of Ash’s peaches oatmeal in my fridge. The oatmeal itself is delicious, so I brought that this morning, along with ½ cup of cow milk, to serve as my “cream” in place of the cottage cheese.


Naturally…it didn’t stick with me. Little to no protein, when you get right down to it.

So at 10 I broke into one of the yogurts I had left from my last bout of antibiotics.


Yes, it’s regular yogurt. Yes, it’s Yoplait. It’s loaded with sugar.

But I really love the pear flavor and nobody else seems to make one. 🙁

Snack 2

Apparently the oatmeal was a bad idea. Perhaps next time I’ll pack scrambled eggs to go with it. I was hungry again at 10:45!


Handful of pistachios (20, if you’re counting)


Whole wheat pasta, asparagus, 1 chicken sausage diced, and some leftover organic pasta sauce I found in the fridge.

Oh, and a generous sprinkle of shredded parm. Mmm…parm.


I also had a salad in the work fridge that needed eaten, so I ate my salad and the pasta combo…little piggy me today!



Fruit salad (also known as grapes, pineapple, and some of the delicious leftover fruit dip that basically has no nutritional value)

Unpictured because my office was chaotic when I ate it.

Also, a handful of jelly beans made it into my palm today. Ugh, I just can’t resist them when they’re fresh!!



I did a full body strength/maintenance routine yesterday. I’ve been so sick lately I’ve hesitated to start any kind of structured program.

Anyway, since I did full body yesterday, I won’t lift today.

40 minutes of cardio on the stationary bike


  • Forearm Planks 2×60 seconds
  • Side Planks 2×30 seconds each side (I’m notoriously bad at these)
  • Jackknife Ball Pass 2×12
  • Reverse Crunch on Bench 2×12
  • Seated Twists with Medicine Ball 2×12
  • Supermans 2×12
  • Bird Dogs 2×12

HRM says 480 calories burned.

I also walked Holly for 30 minutes when I got home, and wore my HRM for that, just to see what I burn walking her. Result? 150 calories.

So 630 total. Not too shabby.


Chicken cordon bleu casserole and green beans. Definitely not the healthiest, but DH requested it.



Pretty full from dinner, but wanted something sweet. DH and I are going to split a delicious coconut-filled chocolate-covered egg. Nom nom nom.

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