Confession: I give things weird names. They’re always “Mc-Something”. I dunno why.

Sticky McStickerson (my filing cabinet…because it sticks)

Pully McTuggles (My dog…when we first start our walk she pulls a bit)

And today, Mr. Migraine McHeadache is keeping this post short.

Mr. Migraine McHeadache likes to visit to remind me why it’s miserable being a woman. Monthly.

Today’s foods were not a picture of health. You’ll have that. Especially with Mr. McHeadache

Here you go:




  • ½ c. oats
  • 1 c. milk
  • ½ banana
  • Cinnamon
  • Coconut


Handful (15ish?) pistachios



I packed a lunch, but caved due to Mr. Migraine McHeadache and “other factors” and ended up with a pulled pork sandwich and some homemade chips.


Ah well. You’ll have that. I ate half…sucker was huge! And only one handful of the chips. My co-workers scarfed the rest down.



(That’s a smidge of PB in there)


Sad today.

I went to the gym, despite the rockin’ head pain, and did 35 minutes of hills on the treadmill (just walking…about 3.5 MPH).

Then I came home and walked the dog for 30 minutes.


DH agreed to take me out for my 2nd birthday meal to get Mexican, but we’re having trouble finding the time, and I’m hungry for Mexican now so we had takeout from the restaurant we intended to go to.

I didn’t order healthy. I wanted this specific entrée, and dangit, I had it.

It’s 1 chicken enchilada and 1 beef enchilada with melted cheese, and rice, lettuce, tomato, sour cream.

DH is picking it up as I type this, so it will be unpictured. Just imagine a mess of delicious mexican-food-ness.


Taking it easy. You don’t mess with Migraine McHeadache. You just don’t.

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