Saturdays are generally the chores/groceries/errands days, and this week was no different.

I made my trips to the farmer’s market and Walmart, and DH went to the grocery store.

Then we reconvened at home to clean the house, and finally, took the pup to Petsmart to get her nails clipped and dremelled (is that a word? well, it is now.)

After that, I couldn’t decide what I wanted for my birthday dinner. Normally, I want a local, relatively expensive place that has amazing seafood. But I also wanted Mexican.

The solution? I “cashed in” my single, expensive birthday dinner, for two moderately priced birthday dinners. Woohoo!

One this weekend – seafood, but at a better priced place – and one either Tuesday night, or next weekend – Mexican. Yay for compromise!


The red berry made an appearance, as I was in a hurry and wanted to get to the market.




Lunch was kind of small, but I wasn’t super-hungry and didn’t feel like making anything. I had leftover BBQ chicken from our sliders on the previous Sunday, on an everything bagel thin (why don’t they ever make whole wheat bagels in flavors? I love “everything” and “onion” but you can never get them whole grain!!) and some leftover steamed asparagus.



After we got the pup’s nails done, I was hungry, so DH and I split an everything bagel thin with a schmear of light cream cheese, and a couple of slices of deer bologna. Un pictured, because I was hungry and fussy. 🙂


I ended up ordering a broiled lump crab cake, a biiig salad, and a sweet potato (plain) for dinner. It was delicious and filled me right up!



Yogurt and antibiotic chaser. One more night of this!!!


No exercise today. Really, I’m thinking I shouldn’t do exercise tomorrow, either. I’ve been having trouble with my recovery, and keeping up with my planned workouts throughout the week.

This generally means I’m a wee bit burnt out/overtrained, and I normally stubbornly ignore it. But just this once, I think I’m going to take it easy.


Perhaps a post on overtraining this week. Contrary to many’s belief, it’s totally possible to burn yourself out on what most would consider non-athlete amounts of exercise. Everybody’s body is different, and people respond to exercise differently as well. 



Today will hopefully be a good day. I’m typing this up at 2:15pm, and I’m considering running to the gym for a little cardio. I dunno – I’m just feeling it today! I know I shouldn’t, though, as I mentioned for yesterdays that I promised I’d take some time. And I already did a long walk with the pup. Perhaps I’ll skip it after all. 🙁


And that’s what my train of thought was in the last 30 seconds. LOL


DH requested blueberry pancakes for breakfast – how could I say no?


(Secret confession: I’m a foodie, I even blog food at kellycooks, and I am completely incapable of making pancakes. I always burn them or undercook them! I mix up the batter, but DH is really the pancake master in our house.)


After breakfast, DH headed out with a friend to go to a local gun show, and I headed out to walk the pup. I noticed part of the path at the park was clear, so we plunged into the park (via a snowbank) to walk there, because I’m bored with the streets. Weeeeeeell…only about half of the park was clear. I was huffing and puffing and warm once we finished our lap and got back out onto the street – it’s tough walking in calf-high snow with a puppy on a leash! LOL



I grabbed a small bit of leftover skillet noodle lasagna and a bagel thin, but halfway through I decided I didn’t want it. Popped it back in the fridge for another time, and grabbed a bowl of cereal (still trying to get rid of those honey smacks. They’re oddly addicting!).


They hit the spot much better. 🙂



Today was filled with the remains of laundry, some blogging and getting blog posts ready for the week, as well as writing thank you’s for my birthday stuff.

My mom was a stickler for thank you’s. Even if you thanked the person verbally or in person, you sent a formal thank you note. I still do it to this day! LOL


Dinner tonight was takeout pizza and salad (x2 what you see below for salad. it was delicious!).



Do you see that?? That, my friends is bacon pizza. I don’t think I even knew they made it! But that’s what DH wanted…



Yogurt and antibiotics chaser – for the last day. Hallelujah!


Weekly Plan

Here’s what my week looks like…at least on Sunday. Things change.


Dentist at 3:00 – should put me at the gym by 4:00.

Steady-state cardio for 35 minutes + chest, triceps, shoulders strength


Guy coming at 6:00 to give us a quote on new windows. Oy.

Steady-state cardio for 30 minutes + lower body strength + abs


HIIT for 20 minutes + back and biceps strength


Steady state cardio for 40 minutes + another round of lower body strength (I’m finding once a week just isn’t cutting it now that I’m not running anymore)


or 20 minutes + abs


I had wanted to do a lift-three-days-minimal-cardio/non-lifting-days-long-cardio plan this week, but it doesn’t work out with my other obligations.

Maybe next week.

And as always my dinner menu plan is on my cooking blog.


Finally, I wanted to thank Katie from Health for the Whole Self for passing on the Sunshine Award to me – thank you Katie! I love your blog and writing style – I read every day! smile_teeth

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