Today was a pretty boring day. I was supposed to go to a baby shower today…but seeing as I’m sick and miserable and crabby, I politely bowed out.

That resulted in a day filled with: farmer’s market, natural foods store, vacuuming, mopping, cooking, prepping veggies for next week, laundry, and even a little Olympics.

Oh! Speaking of the natural foods store (I try not to go often…I normally spend a fortune), I found some fun stuff today!


Coconut milk (I’ve never had it…what should I do with it?!), a Kambucha squash!!!, chia seeds (for Beek’s granola)….and the ThinMints. I found those at the Farmer’s Market, but honestly, I’d been scouting for them. I give myself a 2-box limit, and it normally takes me all year to savor and love every little thin.

I’m just a wee bit obsessed.

All of that was totally enough to wipe me out in my “delicate” state. haha

Alas, today was also day 1 of antibiotics-world. I hate taking antibiotics and will commonly try everything else under the sun before agreeing to take them.

One might say I’m a bit stubborn. smile_tongue

So what follows the antibiotics? Yogurt. Lots and lots of yogurt.

Women probably know why. Men reading don’t need to know. Just let it be known that yogurt will be my best friend for the next 10 days.

You’re gonna see a lot of yogurt. You’ll probably also notice I eat regular-sugar varieties of yogurt. I have the world’s most delicate stomach (and IBS, and preservative allergies), and all those artificial sweeteners they cram into light yogurt do a number on me.

Anybody know of a light yogurt sans artificial sweeteners? I do eat some Greek yogurt, but sometimes I like the creamy consistency of regular as well.



Red Berry crunch, 1% milk, blueberries



One of my co-workers was selling pizza kits for her mission trip. I purchased one to help her. Normally, I just give a donation to the person, instead of buying candy/cookies/pizza/etc, however, I’d heard a lot of buzz about these specific kits, so I ordered a whole wheat “jr’s” kit (small pizzas…about the size of a french bread pizza).


I had one of my pizzas from the kit, and a side salad (spring mix, cucumber, carrot, tomato) with red wine vinegar.

The pizza was tasty, but they’re not to die for or anything. Ah well! I can say I’ve had them now!


While I was cooking ground meat and chopping veggies and making Beek’s granola, I snacked on the last, lonely almond cookie.




Dinner was inspired by How Sweet It Is, and her BBQ Ranch Chicken Sliders.

They were tasty! I made a different spice mix and served them on potato rolls (DH has boycotted whole wheat rolls and I was honestly too lazy and cheap to buy a pack just for myself).


I also served a couple of tater tots ( love those dang things) and some leftover steamed veggies from last week.


Weekend meals tend to be a little weird, as they basically serve to clean the fridge out!


I’m pooped, so my evening includes my jammies, my husband, my dog, the Olympics, and my book.


Oh. And the mandatory daily yogurt.


I’ll post the recipes for my changes to the BBQ Ranch Chicken Sliders, and Beek’s granola, to my food blog tomorrow. 🙂

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