I worked today but I sure am glad this is it! I’ve been getting progressively sicker all week (still having ear pain, sinus issues, eyes hurt, etc) so I was relieved when I finally got to my jammies and Olympics!!


I had blueberries pancakes again (apparently I made a ton of them Monday) but – again – I forgot to photograph! Served with maple syrup.

(I won’t torture you with Monday’s photo yet again)


No snack…those pancakes definitely stick with you!


Today’s lunch was “clean out the fridge” lunch:

A smidgen of tuna salad, 5 triscuits, a side salad (spring mix, shredded cheddar, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, red pepper) with café rio pork on top



I cut up this apple, but only ate 3 piece of it and a smidgen (not even 1 TBSP) of the peanut butter. I was super-exhausted and just wanted to be done with the world at this point…and I think it affected my appetite.




None. I’m stubborn, and often work out through sickness/pain that I shouldn’t, but even I have reached my limit today.

I did take the pup for a short walk (25 minutes) around the neighborhood (now that we’ve had 2 40 degree days, and the street snow is actually melting).


BLTA (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado).


I am not advocating bacon as being good for you, but we found a local brand that is the leanest, center-cut aspect of the bacon. And sometimes you just want a BLT!

IMAG0083  We use that, and drain it well to keep the fat down.



Served with roasted potatoes. I topped mine with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce (LOVE it) and some shredded cheddar.



On my way home, I stopped and bought myself a small Shamrock Shake at McDonald’s. I covet these things. Seriously. And it will be my dessert!

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