I thought I’d do a quick review of the goals I posted in early January, to see how I’m doing, and hold myself accountable.



  • Try 30 days with no white sugar: I haven’t done this yet. Why? Because my birthday is in February, as well as Valentine’s Day, and I’m simply not that masochistic.
  • Try 30 days with no white flour: Same as above
  • Start a health blog to better keep track of my workouts, healthy eats, and other items that don’t really belong on my cooking blog:  I’m doing that one! 🙂
  • Strive for 1-2 vegetarian lunches per week: I’ve fallen off the wagon on this one. I’m struggling with vegetarian meals that make me feel full. Thoughts?
  • Include at least one fish and/or vegetarian dinner in each week’s meal plan: I’m doing really well on the fish aspect – we have it at least once per week. But I am struggling to find vegetarian dinners that my husband will eat, AND that we’re both satisfied with. Thoughts here? My only success to date has been lasagna/ravioli type dishes. He insists beans don’t make a quesadilla/taco/burrito/etc, so that’s out….
  • Expand my use of the gym — try yoga and spinning classes at the YMCA: I haven’t done either of these. They moved my yoga class to a time that doesn’t work with my schedule, BUT, there’s a new yoga studio opening up nearby, and I could pay by the class. AND they have a class on Monday, right after work. So I may try that. Spinning….honestly I think I’m terrified of spinning. It seems like such a group of regulars. 🙁
  • Continue to work on strengthening/stretching my hip flexors, lower back, and core: I’m doing this, but right now I’m letting my hips rest. I’d been working them hard – all the time – and I think I was undoing my good efforts, so to speak.
  • Use C25K to get back into running again: This will depend on the health of my hip, as I said in January. I am keeping it available for mid march/early april, when the weather is a bit nicer and I can do it outside.

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