Apparently, February 16th was Pancake Day. And packzi day. And fastnacht day. Shrove Tuesday.

In other words, it was “Holy crap, eat all your fat and lard and dairy before Lent begins” day.

Nice, eh?

Well, I didn’t eat any of those things on Tuesday…I don’t even know what a packzi is, truth be told.

But I did have pancakes on Thursday!

Hurray for leftover pancakes I made on Monday when I was off!

(This is the Monday photo. I was starved when I got to work and promptly ate my pancakes sans photograph. Trust me, it looked exactly the same, except I ate them at my desk. On a paper plate.)

Speaking of my desk…that’s what you see behind my breakfast, lunch, and two snacks every day. My secksi wood-laminate-1960’s-hulk-of-a-desk. See? 🙂 Even lifting heavy I can’t budge this sucker.

Yes, I have three monitors, and two computers on my desk. I do digital mapping (GIS) as part of my job, and the desktop and two monitors are used for that.
I use the laptop (in the docking station on the right) for my day-to-day activities and presentations and whatnot.

No snackies, because Bob’s Red Mill 10-grain pancakes with blueberries are awesome and keep me full 🙂
(Everybody talks about Hodgson Mill and Kodiak stuff for pancakes and waffles but I can’t get them locally 🙁 )

Tuna with celery and diced onion, a little plain yogurt for creaminess, on whole wheat, with carrot and cucumber sticks. I also packed cucumber/carrot sticks and a few (broken) Newman’s pretzels.

IMAG0076  I ended up eating all the carrots (they were sweet and crunchy and perfect) but none of my cukes. And about ½ the bag of pretzels.

I’m still sad the soup place at market has been closed this week. I was really craving their delicious homemade soups!


Apple and PB. This poor apple has been trekking all over the county with me this week – I just never seem to get to actually EATING it.

20 minutes HIIT on the elliptical, and upper body strength. In keeping with my slacky-mcslackerson-ness this week, I’m doing the same routine as last week again for upper body.

I promise, new things next week!

superset 1: chest, biceps & triceps two times through


decline dumbbell chest press /15# dumbbell each hand/12

seated dumbbell 21’s/ 12.5 # dumbbell each hand/21

decline skull crushers/ 10# dumbbell each hand/12

superset 2: shoulders & back two times through


seated shoulder press w/ twist/15# dumbbell each hand/12

single arm dumbbell row/ 15# dumbbell/12

superset 3: chest, triceps & biceps two times through


incline dumbbell flyes/12.5# dumbbell each hand/12

face down incline kickbacks/10# dumbbell each hand/12

dumbbell hammer curls/15# dumbbells each hand/12

superset 4: shoulders & back two times through


upright cable row/35#/12

standing cable v rope row/45#/12

superset 5: triceps & biceps two times through


straight bar cable pushdown/40#/12

cable curls/35#/12

superset 6: chest & shoulders  two times through


barbell bench press/50#/12

lateral & front raises standing on one leg/5# dumbbell each hand/12

set 7: back two times through


wide grip pulldowns/65#/12

Tonight is leftover café rio pork, Mexican rice, black beans, and fixin’s. DH wanted his as tacos, but I made an enormous salad beast (as Fitnessista would put it) with mine.


Spring mix, tomatoes, black beans, café rio pork, Mexican rice, 1 taco shell crunched up, a sprinkle of cheese.

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