Finally! A day that I feel I accomplished something! LOL


The red berry crunch made its appearance, with milk, blueberries, and banana



No snack…I was in meetings all morning


Lunch looks huge in this picture…LOL


A side salad (spring mix, tomatoes, cucumber, orange peppers, carrots) with some leftovers from dinner last night (jasmine mexican rice, black beans, café rio pork, sprinkle of cheese).

Totally hit the spot. I loves me some Mexican!


I was pretty full from lunch (I guess it WAS pretty big) so I just had a small handful (1/2 this snack baggie) of pistachios and a Clementine




30 minutes of cardio on the stationary bike (I did rolling hills program for something different)

I did the lower body routine from last week again because I was in too much of a funk to come up with anything different. LOL

  • Single Leg Squat 2×12 each side
  • Bulgarian Split Squat 2×12 each side
  • Donkey Kicks 2×12 each side
  • Supermans 2×12
  • Single Leg Calf Raises 2×12 each side
  • Stability Ball Hamstring Curls 2×12
  • Ball Against The Wall Squats 2×12
  • Lying Butt Bridge with Feet on Ball 2×12
  • Leg Lifts 2×12 each side
  • Walking Lunges 2×12 each side
  • Woodchoppers 2×12 each side
  • Single Leg Press 2×12 each side
  • Single Leg Lying Calf Raise 2×12 each side


Salmon (with olive oil, lemon, dill, baked) with risotto and sliced green beans


Nom nom!



I guess I’m just not very chatty today. I’m still feeling a little under the weather, but every time I go to take my temperature I’ve just eaten/drank something/showered/worked out. So I’m going to take it tonight and see if it’s elevated. My hunch is I just need some rest. The stress of rescheduling and cramming in all the meetings from the snow days is really testing me!

I’ll spend this evening on the couch with my book and the Olympics – and hopefully with an early bedtime!

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