This morning was a bit chaotic…I had a meeting at work at 8am.

I hate meetings that are scheduled for the same time you begin your workday. I like to have a bit of time to get myself settled, eat my breakfast, check on my messages and email, etc.

I’m a creature of habit, too, so I pretty much look like this when you screw with my schedule:



Breakfast was a strategized pack-it-so-you-can-hork-it-down affair. It was PB & J (strawberry) on whole wheat, with 1 Clementine already peeled and pulled apart.

A la plastic baggie.


I wolfed this down before my meeting. Dislike wolfing down my breakfast.


An extra Clementine I packed with my breakfast, after my meeting…unpictured, apparently….


Lunch was a sad affair. I ended up not feeling like packing anything last night, so I thought I’d get soup from Simply Soup at the Farmer’s Market.

But they were closed today!!!

So sad.

I ended up with a turkey, lettuce, tomato, pickle sammich on whole wheat, and chippies. The chippies were not healthy at.all, but they were a snack size bag.

(And they made my tums hurt later, so I paid for it. :()



I packed an apple to eat before I headed to the hair salon after work, but, my tummy didn’t feel well so I didn’t eat it.

When I got home from the salon (my hair dresser was fast today!) I had a snack before I did yoga because my belly was grrrrrrrrrrrowling (kinda like that bear) and I needed something to tide me over…


Mini whole wheat bagel with a schmear of LF cream cheese. Mmmm….



I stuck with my original plan this evening, despite the hair dresser being quick about her work….so I came home and did 40 minutes of yoga. Although it wasn’t particularly relaxing…the dog wouldn’t leave me alone (cabin fever much?) and my husband came home in the middle of it.

But at least I finished it.

I forgot to wear the HRM, so no clue on calories burned.


Dinner was delicious! I could eat mexican every day.


The mess below is actually two tacos, containing: cafe rio pork, taco sauce, lettuce, tomato, smidgen of sour cream….along with a new mexican rice recipe (it was tasty because it used jasmine rice!) and some black beans.

Holy food!



I have 20 pages left in Outlander and I’m dying to finish it and start the second book! That, and Olympics, are my evening plans.

See you tomorrow!

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