I didn’t blog at all yesterday, and didn’t even bother to record my eats. A day of rest deserves a day of rest from blogging, as well.

Monday, I was off for the President’s Day holiday. That’s right folks – in the last 8 days, I’ve worked 3. I could get used to that ratio!


I had a lot of things on my to-do list today…mostly little, inconsequential things, but they needed to be done:

  • Pay bills
  • Email a friend I haven’t chatted with in awhile
  • Register online for prescriptions
  • Thank you note for my mom (she sent DH and I $$ for valentine’s day)
  • Work out
  • Make truffles
  • Make cookies
  • Blog
  • Get stamps (DH will have to do this)

I made myself blueberry pancakes for breakfast to get off on the right foot!

I used this Bob’s Mill mix….and made a double batch, so I’d have pancakes for breakfast later in the week.


They were very yummy, and very filling!


After breakfast, I paid bills, emailed said friend, registered for my prescriptions (I hate when they force you to mail out for prescripts!!!), wrote a thank you note to my mama, and started cookies.

I made the cookie dough balls for the truffles and popped them in the freezer (they need to sit for 2 hours). Then – in the interest of not eating all the cookie dough – I had a handful of pistachio’s to tide me over.


Then I made the cookie part of the cookies I’m making for DH’s co-workers.

At that point I took a break for lunch…


I’m home and have an entire kitchen at my disposal and I still can’t come up with anything to make for lunch that looks good.

Sad. 🙁

I ended up with an Amy’s meal I bought to try. I’ve never had her frozen stuff, oddly enough.


(Yes, that’s two frozen meals in basically as many days. It happens.)

It was tasty, though! Rockin’. smile_regular


I read some more of the Outlander book after I ate…I’m nearly finished with it. It was so good! I already have the second one here (borrowed from a friend) but I’ll need to get crackin’ on making sure I have the others in the series.

After lunch I finished up the truffles (by dipping them in chocolate and popping them back in the freezer) and made the icing and finished off the sandwich cookies for DH’s co-workers.

After that I kind of “hit the wall” – all I wanted to do was lay down and sleep! But it was too late in the day for a nap (I’d never sleep tonight) so I busied myself with coming up with a “different than I normally do” routine for the gym this week. I’ve been kind of bored lately, and not in the right mindset to start NROL4W…so I’ve kind of been making it up as I go along.

I think I’m going to do a cardio-intense week. I normally spend a lot more time lifting than cardio. Maybe the mix-up will make me feel more refreshed?

I’m thinking…

Monday: 45 minutes of cardio (my choice) + 15 minutes of abs

Tuesday: 40 minutes of yoga (I have a hair appointment after work and this is all I’ll have time for)

Wednesday: 30 minutes of cardio (my choice) + lower body strength

Thursday: HIIT for 20-25 minutes (or however long I last. haha) + 15 minutes of abs

Friday: 30 minutes of cardio + upper body strength

Any thoughts on that lineup?


I was feeling a bit gross…sluggish, tired, cranky…before the gym. So I had this snack in hopes it would perk me up:

1 piece of wheat bread with a little bit of PB & J (strawberry) and a clementine


It worked! 🙂



I did what I’d planned above…and let my body determine if it wanted more. The answer was basically, no, so I didn’t add much. I don’t know if it’s the weather or what, but I’m feeling bummed and not wanting to push myself or exercise.

It sucks. heart_brokensmile_sad

I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, and then I hopped on the treadmill for 15 minutes. Every minute that passed I increased my incline up to 12, and then went back down to cool down. It was fun and made the time pass.

For abs, I did:

  • Side planks
  • Planks with side crunches
  • Twists with a 15 lb. medicine ball
  • Stability ball situps
  • Butt ups with twist (kind of like a reverse crunch with side to side movement as you come down)
  • Shoulder lifts
  • Reverse Crunch
  • Ball Pass
  • Pelvic Tilt
  • *Attempted* Jacknife for like 5 minutes

I can’t – for the life of me – do the jacknife move. I don’t know why!! I think I’m freaked out because of the instability. I’ll keep tryin’.

I also added in 2 sets of pushups and single leg deadlifts at the end. Just cuz.

HRM reported 650 calories burned. Take it.


It’s Monday, which means it’s DH’s night to cook…and we always, always have steak on Monday. LOL

And he continues to serve me entirely too much pasta

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