(Sorry I didn’t post this last night…DH and I were watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics! I feel kinda bad that Canada’s Olympics already have a death and a torch malfunction under their belt…I kinda like Canada! I also realized apparently I don’t know ANYTHING about Canadians. I had no idea their aboriginal people were so important to them? Nor did I realize they apparently really ‘hang their hat’ on being friendly. The whole ceremony seemed a bit odd to me.)


Today (yesterday!) was back in the saddle as far as work and gym goes.

I was actually pleasantly surprised at how passable the roads were. I honestly don’t know why the schools were closed for a third day in a row today. Sheesh.
Not much new…all of my work meetings have been cancelled twice now due to two individual snow storms. They’re calling for snow on Monday (I’m off for the President’s Day holiday) so I am waiting until next Tuesday to reschedule. I’m afraid I’ll reschedule today and we’ll get more snow! Gah!


My lovely bowl of Red Berry crunch with blueberries, banana, and 1% milk. I know it makes for boring blogging, but I love it so.


Lunch was wild. We had an “Italian themed” (read: enormous calories) themed luncheon today at work. My monstrous plate (not really, but look at that mess!) included 3 cheese ravioli, 1 spoonful of farfalle with chicken, broccoli, garlic, chicken broth and white wine (yum!), a slice of italian bread, and 2 huge spoonfuls of salad (spring mix, cucumbers, cheese, tomatoes).

(I had to take a picture on the sly with my phone…I don’t tell my work peeps about my food photographing.)

I also had a heart shaped brownie. Look how cute!

I enjoyed myself, but tried to moderate how MUCH of it I ate.
I can seriously eat Italian foods until I’m sick. And Mexican. They’re just my “thing”!

I’m out of Kind bars (so sad!) so I had a piece of homemade deer bologna, a few triscuits, and a Clementine for my snack. Seems like a lot of food (especially considering my luncheon!) but I’m doing my entire upper body lifting day today (instead of breaking it out, since the gym has been closed due to snow), and I tend to need more energy than a piddly 100-150 calorie snack on those days.

I stole my workout today from meals & moves again…she has some great ones!

I did 25 minutes of steady-state cardio on the elliptical, stretched briefly, did 2 sets of bosu ball planks and side planks, and then launched into this bad boy…(I made some changes from her original, but mostly just 2 sets instead of 3 due to time constraints)

superset 1: chest, biceps & triceps two times through


decline dumbbell chest press /15# dumbbell each hand/12

seated dumbbell 21’s/ 12.5 # dumbbell each hand/21

decline skull crushers/ 10# dumbbell each hand/12

superset 2: shoulders & back two times through


seated shoulder press w/ twist/15# dumbbell each hand/12

single arm dumbbell row/ 15# dumbbell/12

superset 3: chest, triceps & biceps two times through


incline dumbbell flyes/12.5# dumbbell each hand/12

face down incline kickbacks/10# dumbbell each hand/12

dumbbell hammer curls/15# dumbbells each hand/12

superset 4: shoulders & back two times through


upright cable row/35#/12

standing cable v rope row/45#/12

superset 5: triceps & biceps two times through


straight bar cable pushdown/40#/12

cable curls/35#/12

superset 6: chest & shoulders  two times through


barbell bench press/50#/12

lateral & front raises standing on one leg/5# dumbbell each hand/12

set 7: back two times through


wide grip pulldowns/65#/12


1h40m – HRM says I burned 755 calories. I had to decrease the amount of weight I lift to do the supersets above quickly (which was my plan) and it worked out well.

Smart Taste spaghetti noodles with meat sauce, cheesy garlic bread (mine is whole wheat), and a bit o’ salad.


Holy Italian food day! I didn’t even realize it until I sat down to type it out. LOL
Oh well – you’ll have that!! And I’m not complainin’…I LOOVE it!

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