I am thoroughly loving these snow days.

I never get a chance to relax. Weekdays are filled with work, gym, walking the dog, making dinner. Weekends are filled with groceries, farmer’s market, Walmart, walking the dog, cleaning the house, doing laundry, seeing friends.


It just seems like there’s never any down time.


Well I have completely harnessed the power and beauty of the snow day these past two days. Most of my activity required adjusting my blankets and turning pages in my book.


And I loved and enjoyed every.single.second.of.it.


Alas, it looks like tomorrow is back to the grind (but only for one day!)


Here’s how today went down:


I was really missing my cereal this a.m., so I had my Red Berry Crunch with a banana and 1% milk.





After breakfast I paid some bills and re-did some budgeting (is anyone else getting nailed with additional expenses in February?! Sheesh!) and then decided to fit in some exercise.

I didn’t end up doing the living room boot camp, instead I did a 20-minute sweat workout on ExerciseTV OnDemand (It was basically circuits with a couple of handweights, but it got my blood pumpin’!) and then I did a YogaWorks Beginner’s Yoga show on ExerciseTV OnDemand as well. It was about 40 minutes, and I chose it because I was so super-stiff, and I thought the “Beginner” tag would be gentle on me.

But instead the woman running it just talked entirely too much about how to get into the poses. Warrior II isn’t that hard, people.

I wore my HRM through both just to see what my calories burned looked like: 355. Not too shabby.

After my workout I was starvin’…


My MIL made egg rolls (with god only knows what in them. I think I saw chicken, pork, AND shrimp in there…sprouts…carrots…who knows…) so I had one of those, some leftover wild rice, and some leftover steamed veggies from last night.


…and there may have been a handful of Triscuits for crunch.



Later, the brownies I made for our snow days were calling my name (again. I swear I can’t keep them in the house. DH and I both can’t stay out of them!) so I had a small piece



Dinner tonight is leftover beef stew with crusty bread. I love meals that serve us twice, and love meals that serve us twice plus give us lunches even more! LOL



I’m going to enjoy the rest of my evening, and try to get to bed at a decent hour so I’m rested tomorrow. I have a feeling the commute in is gonna be a bear.

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