I had a ton of meetings scheduled for this week at work, but with the snow over the weekend and the potential for more snow on Tuesday/Wednesday – everyone bailed on me!

Now I have to reschedule them. Boo. I was hoping this would be my last meeting-heavy week for February, but alas…it appears it will drag out.


Breakfast was uber late. Because it took me an hour to get to work! (My commute is normally 15-20 minutes). The roads weren’t that bad, but traffic was absolutely insane.

I finally got to work, had our staff meeting, and then I rushed back to my desk to wolf down my breakfast…I was starved!

Nature’s Path Red Berry Crunch, 1% milk, ½ banana, blueberries…I packed my fast, cereal-based breakfast because I thought I’d have a meeting this morning (but they cancelled…the first of many!)



I didn’t eat a snack this morning, because my breakfast was so late 🙁


Lunch was yummy leftovers from last night. Yesterday was MIL’s birthday, so we had her and FIL over for dinner and cake. She requested “something grilled” and “Cookie Dough Blizzard” cake, so that’s what we had: spicy honey chicken, foil packet potatoes, and Dairy Queen Cookie Dough Blizzard cake!

I brought a little leftover chicken and potatoes, as well as a side salad (spring mix, red pepper, carrot, cucumber, red onion, tomatoes). I didn’t end up eating all the chicken/potatoes..it was a bit too much.



I packed an apple and PB for my snack, but a Kind bar and 2 Clementines was calling my name, so I rolled with it. I had the “Protein” variety of Kind bar – which is almond, walnut, and macadamia. It was pretty tasty!


(This is a stand-in bar and the remnants of my Clementines…I forgot to photograph!)


My original plan was to start New Rules of Lifting for Women this week, however, 2 aching ears and a sore throat on Friday, and then an elephant sitting on my chest Saturday, meant I was a bit wary of starting a new program.

So I’ll be doing another on-the-fly week like last week. I’m also reversing my workout order this week (I normally do upper body early in the week and lower body late in the week) because I spent a lot of time shoveling this weekend, and I can definitely feel it in my abs/back/arms! (In a good way!)

  • 20 minutes cardio, intervals, elliptical
  • Power Clam 3×10 each side
  • Plank with Leg Lift 3×10 each side

Supersets, courtesy of meals and moves…(with some changes for the amount of time I had and felt hers was a little “squat heavy”…after my injury last week I replaced some of the squats)

  • Single Leg Squat 2×10 each side
  • Bulgarian Split Squat 2×10 each side
  • Donkey Kicks 2×10 each side
  • Supermans 2×10
  • Single Leg Calf Raises 2×10 each side
  • Stability Ball Hamstring Curls 2×10
  • Ball Against The Wall Squats 2×10
  • Lying Butt Bridge with Feet on Ball 2×10
  • Leg Lifts 2×10 each side
  • Walking Lunges 2×10 each side
  • Woodchoppers 2×10 each side
  • Single Leg Press 2×10 each side
  • Single Leg Lying Calf Raise 2×10 each side

HRM said 769 calories burned. I’ll take it!


We’ll see what I come up with the rest of this week LOL


Monday is always DH’s night to cook, and we always have steak. Since our menu this week is a tad “red meat” heavy, we had venison steaks (instead of beef steaks) tonight, with steamed broccoli and pasta tossed with olive oil.


You’ll note DH served me again this week – resulting in enormous quantities of pasta, covered in cheese.

I swear… LOL


I’ve really been craving something sweet after din-din. Especially on days I work out hard. Last week the peanut butter puffins solved that issue but this week I was trying to keep it ‘lighter’…so I bought Annie’s bunny fruit snacks! LOL

I love these things! I feel like a little kid. Haha


No evening plan tonight…just posting this, checking email, and then sitting down to tackle the first Outlander book!

I also promised myself I’d take my temp this evening to see if this faux sickness is anything fever-worthy…that tends to indicate (for me) that it’s time for a doc appointment. Just to get checked out!

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