Work was insane today, but I got all my data analyzed for tomorrow’s meeting.

I’m beat.

Sitting at my desk crunching numbers all day really drains it out of me.

It’s also my, er, “sluggish” time of the month, and I feel pretty beat up.

So today really IS a rest day.


Normally when I take my rest days I’m still running around active all day, or walking the pup, or doing yoga.

I’m not doing anything this evening.



B-fast was a huge (it was only 1/2 cup but once i added my stuff…holy cow) bowl of oats!

Oats, milk, cinnamon, chopped walnuts, and golden raisins.





No snack today…oatmeal always takes me forever to eat. Especially at work, so I basically took an hour (with a few reheats) to eat my oatmeal. LOL



I took a salad (spring mix, tomato, carrot, cucumber, red pepper) with vidalia dressing, and leftover shrimp scampi…


I only ate half the scampi. That container was full!

I also went to Central Market with my co-worker, and ended up purchasing a lovely chocolate ganache-topped brownie for my dessert this evening…I don’t normally buy baked goods, but these were homemade, and I’ve had a hankering for 4 days.

It’s time to settle it!


Since I knew I wasn’t working out, I hated to snack, but my stomach was rumbling something fierce…

So I had one of these.


I love them. They’re really, really not very good for you, but they’re delicious and the chocolate helped me power through the last of my data. LOL



In quotes, cuz it isn’t. Really.

  • Walked the pup for 35 minutes. I kept up a pretty brisk pace…but my thighs and butt were FROZEN when we got home!



Leftovers for me tonight…leftover crockpot rotisserie chicken, frozen veggies, and 1/2 sweet potato.


DH went to Baltimore to go to Fogo de Chao and gorge himself on various skewered meats. I hope he enjoys it. LOL



Ahhh…my lovely. I’ve waited for you for days. A week, nearly!






They’re calling for us to get 8-10” of snow, starting tomorrow afternoon.

I’m hoping to get to the gym and Walmart tomorrow night, and then spend Saturday as a snow day. We’ll see how that plan goes tomorrow!

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