Pretty uneventful day at work, but super busy!

But first..look how pretty it was this morning while I was getting ready to leave for work!


  snow2       snow3

Sorry for the blue hue…it was still pretty dark, and this is with my phone!

3” of snow is totally the perfect amount…just enough to cover everything in white and make it look pretty, but not enough to make a mess of the roads.



Nature’s Path Optimum Blueberry & Cinnamon cereal with 1% milk, blueberries, and a mini banana



…totally didn’t happen. I had to go to a kick-off for work, and it ended 15 minutes before lunctime. Ugh.

I had packed some triscuits and a small piece of homemade deer bologna for it. I gotta admit, I love the deer bologna. And since it’s homemade, I know there’s nothing nasty in it. Just ground venison, spices, and lovin’!


Leftover roasted sweet potatoes and garlic sautéed green beans, plus a turkey and provolone on whole wheat sammich. Unfortunately, my tummy was hurting me after I ate it, so I didn’t eat the Clementine.


Boo for upset tummy!


At 4:00 I finally got done with all my meetings, etc, and wolfed down a snack. My tummy felt better, and I was ravenous.

I had my deer bologna and thin crisp triscuits, as well as my lunchtime (unpictured below) Clementine.


It soothed the beast 🙂

Then I worked an extra ½ hour, trying to get data analyzed for a meeting Friday morning….I didn’t finish it, but had to leave if I wanted to get a workout in, walk the dog, and still make dinner!


Still taking it easy. Booooring.

But I tried the elliptical yesterday and my leg let me know it was unhappy. *sigh*

  • 35 minutes on the dreadmill. Walking. (poke-my-eye-out-boring)
  • Chest/triceps with lighter weights, circuit style, 30 second rests
  • Gentle stretching for my lower back and hamstrings, because I sat…and my bum leg tolerated it

HRM says 410 calories. Low, but I’ll take it.

DH walked the pup, so I started on dinner…


Made an easy shrimp scampi tonight, because I had never had it, and I always thought it sounded delicious. LOL I had planned on having broccoli with it, but – oops! – I made the broccoli last night.

So I improvised with a salad – spring mix, carrots, cucumber, tomato, and red pepper.

shrimp scampi dinner

The recipe can be found over on my food blog



No plans. I’m pretty beat…hopefully just me, the hubs, and the pup relaxing on the couch…(although it’s already 9:20, so probably not for very long! LOL)

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