Ask Me Anything!

Go ahead…ask me anything! I’ve seen this on other people’s pages, and thought it would be fun to add.

Just leave a comment below with your question, and I’ll answer it ASAP!

#1 Kuldunai

#2 20-Clove Garlic Chicken

#3 Pennsylvania Dutch Pot Pie

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  • Becca

    My husband can’t eat shrimp, but I really wanted to try the Garlic Lemon Shrimp with Orzo and broccoli recipe. I was very pleased to see that you adapted it for chicken instead. I was wondering, though, can I substitue Arborio rice (I already have some on hand) for orzo in this recipe instead or do I have to use orzo?


  • Thom

    Love the blog. Besides grilling, what can you recommend with swordfish?


  • Rebecca

    Your Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken Pot Pie recipe calls for vegetable shortening for the dough. Can I use butter flavored Crisco?